About Me

Hi! I’m Luke. Pleased to meet ya! I’m generally a happy person except when I’m angry about something, like the distillation of complicated issues into prepackaged easy-to-grasp concepts, the objectification of women, or incompetent people having a license to drive.

I love to read sci-fi, fantasy, mystery… really a good story and/or engaging characters are what make my kind of book! The Book Thief, Nervous Conditions, The Things They Carried, Love Letters to the Dead, and the A Song of Ice and Fire series are among my favorites! Elliot Wake is my favorite author!

Interested in literature studies, pop culture studies, women’s and gender studies, history, teaching, and writing.

Projects, goals, and the purpose of this blog

I basically want to have a place to write about the things that I love. I originally did reviews of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, but then shifted my focus to Transformers Prime reviews, as I was more comfortable handling the reviewing of that kind of show than Buffy (if you want a detailed and egregious explanation behind the shift in focus, see this post here). Over time, I have taken down my Buffy reviews altogether mostly out of respect for the show (I didn't feel my coverage of it was good enough). I do have a lengthy ten-part series on Buffy now, if you care to read it!

I still occasionally do Reviews and Overviews, though now I mainly stick to my Mini-Views section, covering films that have just come out or that I've recently seen, books, and shows! (See the Directory for a full breakdown of content.) I love what I do, and I hope that you love reading about it!

I hope you like what I do here!

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