March 10, 2016

My First Conference

Hi, all! Just wanted to pop in and let you all know what's going on with me in case anyone cares. I've been posting a bit more here, trying to keep the blog active with tiny blurb-thoughts about the book's I've been reading, and that's been nice! I like doing those little Mini-View things, it's good.

Today, I presented my Transformers paper at the Lewis&Clark Gender Symposium and it was pretty cool! It was me, one other panelist, and the moderator, and so it was a nice little intimate thing. Small audience, too, so that was good.

Here we all are sitting down. I don't know what was up with our expressions; it was a candid shot, okay!

The room we were in was giant, though! Look at this!

It's like a full-on lecture hall deal! I'd thought that it'd just be something small; the presentation I went to yesterday was set in a fairly cozy room. But this thing was a big room, great acoustics and such, looked great! I walked in there and was immediately daunted by the size of the space i had to work with. And they gave us a lectern and everything; I felt so professional.

The talk itself went okay! I looked at the gender representation in the Transformers franchise, focussing on Arcee and Windblade specifically. I sped through a couple spots, freaked out about time and didn't cover things that I had time to cover anyway, and said about a million and one "uh"s and "ums"s, but the audience seemed to like it. The other panelist was very good too! She talked about fandom and the pull between the more progressive thinking that is found more in the fandom than in the actual "canon" fiction and how that might be both a good thing and problematic. Very interesting stuff!

The most interesting and insightful part of the whole thing was the Q&A, which was rife with thought-provoking questions and lots of intriguing discussion! I just love that! It gave me further things to think about with regards to this Transformers paper, it gave me new topics to look at, and it was just super engaging!

Besides that, not much has been going on. I was a mess on Monday (only got two hours of sleep the night before because of insomnia I guess) so that was lovely. I'm like super into Elliot Wake's books right now, so I might read Unteachable next! One more week before Spring Break! That's exciting!

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