May 7, 2015

Women Who Are Amazing to Me (Both Fictional and Real)

Y'know, I really should just change my "Top 10" tag to something like "Random List" or "Top Whatever Number", because now I think I have more posts in that tag that don't have ten examples of whatever it is I'm covering, or posts that aren't necessarily covering the top figures of the subject matter, than posts that do. Oh well.

So, I have a few role models and people whom I look up to and I thought I’d come up with a list of celebrity women specifically who inspire me, because most of the women I’ve met in my life have all been some of the smartest, most caring and thoughtful, and just overall damn strong people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And so, I thought I’d give some female characters (and actresses) some love here! These are just off the top of my head (and characters who I've seen most recently, so y'know, this isn't all my role models or whatever.) Enjoy.

Arcee from Transformers Prime - Obviously, she’s one of my favorite characters on the show, as you can probably tell by the header image there! I just love how she just doesn’t take shit from anyone! Her character gets the most development throughout the series too, even though she was relegated to a filler role by the end; in the beginning, it could be argued that she and Jack were the main characters, and I think that’s super important and really cool! I like her voice actor too; she's very much in favor of representing women to young girls as people first instead of Women with a capital W, which I often find irksome as a mainstream whitewashed feminist statement. Arcee is definitely more than a "strong female character", and I think that's great.

Cobie Smulder’s Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Okay, so this is a case where I actually prefer the MCU version of a character over their comics incarnation… because let’s be honest, Maria Hill in the comics is a real bitch. But something about Smulder’s acting and the way her character’s written just works for me. I think it’s that she’s witty and kind without being obnoxious; it never feels like she’s shoehorned into any of the scenes like many of the lesser MCU characters sometimes come off as being, and obviously Smulder’s acting is great! Plus she gets all the awesome sass lines!

Emma Stone- Yeah, I’ll just say it right now, she’s my celeb crush. I love this woman, oh my god! She has a great aura of getting down to brass tacks and being just in control of the situation. Her acting’s great and she has a good screen presence because of her gumption and gusto! And her smile fills me with confidence; it's like, because she’s smiled I can now do anything, and that’s awesome! I loved her as Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man series and thought she did a good job in Birdman as well... admittedly those are the only two films I've seen her in; I mainly like her interview material.

Ellen Page’s Kitty Pride in the X-Men franchise- One of the most underutilized characters of the whole film series, Page brings so much life to this character. I am so sad that she’s in only a few of the films as essentially a glorified extra. I’d love to see Page helm an X-Men film; she obviously has the chops for it, and her quiet demeanor and subtle performance makes for a three-dimensional character that is only ever written as a two-dimensional one. Such a shame; I hope they do more with her in the future!

Lindsey Stirling- I may not be a fan of where her career has taken her in the past two years or so, but this woman helped take me from the brink of quitting the violin to taking it up again with a vengeance! In the beginning, her music was inspirational as all hell to me, and her story even more so. She was a real influence in my life during high school, and for that I am super thankful and grateful to her. And I got to meet her and oh my god she is the nicest pixy girl on the planet! She’s adorable!

Taylor Hebert from Worm- As the protagonist and POV character of the book, it was of paramount importance that the readers be able to connect and sympathize with and care about the main character, and holy balls did McCrae succeed like nobody’s business! This character is absolutely stunning, from her wickedly sharp intelligence to her off-balance confidence issues to her unhealthy obsessive need to do good, it’s just so much of what I loved about the book and is truly one of the best characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading because she’s inspired me on many occasions to just push through to the end. There’s so much humanity in the character, and that’s really what makes her so compelling

Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica- While certainly not my favorite character of the show, she is still the most optimistic person out of the core group (maybe Kyoko could win that argument; I don't know). But Madoka's clear optimism and general happiness about life really strikes a chord with me. I'm generally a pretty optimistic and happy person as well (even though, y'know, I may act brooding and stoic sometimes). I love to remind myself that there's plenty to be happy for, and Madoka really embraces that ideal in an otherwise cruel and dark world. Her wish at the end of the show encapsulates this mindset perfectly, and I really love her for that! Plus that bow and arrow is just totally kick-ass!

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