April 23, 2015

Robots in Disguise Windblade Thoughts

Okay, so this isn't really going to be about the show, because, well... I haven't seen it. It looked interesting to me at first, but then all of a sudden it was mid-April and I hadn't realized that the first season was already pretty much over, so y'know, I kinda missed my shot. But I'm sure it will be available on Netflix or some other site soon.

Also, the more I saw of the ads and the more I thought about how this connected with Prime and that stupid film that came after it, the less inclined I was to see it. From what I'd read, all of this sounded really neat, but then the animation and some of the characterizations threw me off, so much so at points that I just found it a bit obnoxious.

But then, just recently, USA Today released an article talking about how the writers want to bring IDW Transformers Comics- original character Windblade into the show, saying:

"'Our female fans have demanded to be part of the story... To have them be represented as well is something that's only natural.' In crafting Windblade on the comics page and debuting her in upcoming Transformers TV episodes, [Mairghread] Scott focused on making the Autobot as real as possible even though she's a mechanized being. 'Our female characters really do have faults,' she says, 'they have things that they aren't necessarily always good at and they have things they're trying to overcome, and that makes them real people with a real drive.'"

Okay, Scott and Carroll, you now have my attention. I especially love the bolded section (that was bolded by me, just so you know). This is what we call character development, it's what we call representation, and it's what we call an idea. Some of you will probably be quick to point out that Strongarm herself was a main character before any of this happened, so why am I getting all excited for this? Well, from what I've read, Strongarm seems to be almost like a younger version of Arcee, more strict and less individualistic in her approach to battle or companionship (I could be completely wrong on that, though). So her character didn't really seem to do anything new for me. While I'm always happy to have women characters on primarily male-oriented shows, I would prefer if those women were included because their characters suit the story or they add something to the work beyond just being there to have women in the story. And I can sense that this is something that they're wanting to go for with Windblade. I love her comic book character, and if they can take the core of that character and transplant it onto the show, that'll be pretty awesome.

I'm also thrilled to see that there's going to be a female combiner team coming out! And that combiner was also created by fans, showing that at the least, fans are demanding more women representation in the Transformers mythos. I mean, yeah, it's still women for the sake of representation, but you have to start somewhere, right? Having an all-female combiner team should be interesting if only as a representation-boost, and with the worthy goal of getting young girls to become fans of the show, I think that's okay.

This development is super exciting for me as Windblade is a pretty nifty character in the comics, and I'd love to see her come to life, especially as the animation style oddly seems to work wonders with her design; just look at the promo art for this! Those reds and blues spark interest, and something about it just works for her where as for, say, Bumblebee, it just doesn't (at least for me). I now really want to see this new series, because if this is the kind of storytelling and character crafting that the writers are aiming for, then color me a happy camper!

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