December 8, 2014

I Have A Soundcloud (plus some related news)

So, just yesterday I got myself a Soundcloud account which I'd thought about doing for a while, but I didn't really know what Soundcloud was. Oh, I still don't really have any idea what I'm doing up there besides just uploading my music for the world to hear, but this does at least give me an outlet to share some of my compositions and arrangements!

For the past week or so, I've been working on a new medley, this one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe music! This is by far the longest piece that I've created, arrangement or otherwise, and it's one that I'm super proud of because for all my problems with Marvel Studios and their films, the music is definitely not one of them! I wanted to pay homage to the awesome superhero tracks used in the films for phases one and two (barring Age of Ultron which isn't out yet, but I know I'll have to add it in once the film comes out!) This is something that I've worked hard on, and it's I think some of my best work, for whatever that's worth. So, I present to you A Maddening Marvel Music Medley, which you can check out here! It's kinda long, clocking in at a good 9:50, so just letting you know that.

So that's all for now. Just wanted to share that with you guys. I hope you check it out and like what I have to share with you all!

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