December 31, 2014

2014- A Brief Look Back

It's been one hell of a year!

Stuff that happened to me:
  • Wrote and presented my senior thesis! Made me fall in love with Buffy all over again and also exposed me to the worlds of Women's and Gender Studies, Whedon studies, pop culture studies, and more feminism!
  • Graduated high school! Whew! What a rush! Had a kickass high school career I think, and I'm still in close contact with many of my friends. Love you all because you're awesome and have had such an impact on my life.
  • I was introduced to the wonderful band Halestorm which kinda kicked off my rock music taste/obsession! Still a favorite of mine to this day!
  • Played in Carnegie Hall! For all that AYS was complete ass garbage, tour was absolutely amazing! Just getting to be in such a marvelous hall and on stage where so many greats had stood was so awesome, and we kicked ass up there! Super happy 'bout that; that memory's sticking with me!
  • I got into and now attend college! What a rocky first semester, but as I look back, it was actually pretty nice. Homesickness did indeed encapsulate a good portion of my time in the beginning, but that faded pretty quickly once classes started and really kicked into high gear. Made a few friends, and had some sick classes! Can't wait for next semester!
  • I'm all caught up on A Song of ice and Fire!!! GRRM, give us Winds of Winter now, dammit! Best fantasy series I've read in a good long while; Dance with Dragons has become one of my favorite books of all time, so that's awesome.
  • I also read some other amazing books this year. Nervous Conditions and its sequel, The Book of Not, were both outstanding (the former is my fifth favorite book of all time)! Gone Girl was simply amazing and is another one of my favorites. My Whedon Studies obsession has made me read some amazing essays and books on the subject of Joss Whedon's tv shows (in particular is the awesome collection of essays called Reading Joss Whedon, which also made me rewatch Dollhouse), so that's really cool to me too.
  • I've begun work on a book! Not sure when (if ever) this thing's gonna get finished or if I'll even ever have a complete chapter out, but I've got some ideas down and a few pages at least. The writers conference I went to this summer really springboarded this project, and I learned so much up there; the people in the class were some of the most intelligent and kind and inspirational people I've ever met! So thankful for that opportunity! Going back next summer; can't wait.
  • Movies!!! I had some great cinematic experiences this year, from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I would consider one of the best Marvel movies ever done, all the way to Whiplash, which was one of the most thrilling experiences I've had in a non-action movie to date! I also had to sit through some unfortunate cinematic disasters (*cough*-Age of Extinction-*cough*), but overall, this year in film was pretty hoss!
This year was awesome for me! It was tough, there were sad moments in there; we lost people, we gained people, a lot of shit happened; a lot of amazing stuff happened too. On the whole, this year was one that I won't soon forget, as much because of what's going on in the wider world right now as because of what's happened in my personal life this year. Here's to a solid 2014 and here's hoping for an even better 2015!

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