November 23, 2014

Blog Post- What's Going On

As I said in my Age of Ultron Initial Thoughts post, I'm really just trying to get through this semester. At this point though, things have settled down a bit; classes are pretty much done in terms of heavy work load, so that's good. If you follow my personal account on Facebook, starting today and going all the way to Thanksgiving will be my Top Ten Things For Which I Am Thankful posts (two per day; the first two are already posted, so that's cool). And for this site, I'll be rounding all those posts up and putting them in a single post here just to get something out; I really hate saying that, because it makes it seem like this is becoming a chore when I assure you it's not. I love doing this! But things have been kinda crazy busy here in the real world, so that's eaten up much of my time of late.

For December, I have a few ideas kicking around about what I want my end-of-the-year post to be. As with the last three years, I've generally ended the year or have begun the next year with an Overview. Not really sure if I'm gonna do that this year or not; since Prime is done for that category, I'd need to move to something else, but I don't have anything solid in my mind right now, and I don't want Overviews to read like Mini-Views where it's just thoughts off the top of my head; I like having the Overviews structured and like little papers if that makes sense. I do have a post in the works regarding Lindsey Stirling; that might be the thing to go up to finish off the year, I don't know. And of course there's the annual Top Ten Movies of [Insert Year Here] post that I've done, and this year should be quite good for that!

So yeah, things are kinda in limbo right now. I just wanted to let you all know what's going on with me and what the supposed plan is for December and such. To say that I have a grand plan would be a lie; I have ideas in my head that coalesce into something of a mushy soup of a blueprint for the beginnings of a plan. Anyway, there that is. Hopefully I'll get to post something soon after Thanksgiving!

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