September 24, 2014

Stuff That I Like- 9/24/14

Okay, so I know I've been rather lax about the blog (it seems tumblr has taken over my life when I'm not in class... which is quite often because I have only three classes going on right now), and I apologize for that. But in keeping with my always being the last one to notice anything, I thought I'd bring to your attention this lovely interview with Transformers More than Meets the Eye writer James Roberts. This interview is rather lengthy, but it's quite good; in fact, much like the book that Roberts writes, there is more to this interview than one might think, given that this is about a comic book, and that that comic book is yet another marketing platform to sell toys. Anyway, I thought I'd recommend this now (and hey, it was written in June, so that's not too bad of a turnaround right?) You can read the full interview here (it's in two parts).

This also might as well be as good a time as any to totally recommend the More than Meets the Eye book to all of you as well if for some reason you're not reading it already as a Transformers fan. Admittedly I've only read the first seven or so issues, but even just going on that I recognize the genius behind this storytelling and the care and craft really being put into this book. So, get with it if you're not already way ahead of me and all caught up!

September 13, 2014

Shadowcon Reviews- Thirst

Shadowcon Reviews: Transformers Prime season 3, episode 8: “Thirst”

This review is dedicated to Audrey!

Okay, so I originally had this whole plan to go through and review all the Prime episodes that involved MECH, and trace their progression as a secondary villain in the show and it was going to be really cool because I was going to get to review things like “Operation Bumblebee”, and “The Human Factor” and stuff like that. But then a friend of mine and I got to talking about “Thirst” and she was like, “you should review that one,” and I was taken with the idea, so I’m kinda messing up my MECH plan and just starting from the end of their incredibly loose multi-season arc. It’s also kind of okay because my first Transformers Prime review was “Convoy” which introduced us to MECH as villains… and then I never got back to their story after that, so this is sort of along those same lines: I’m shooting all the way to the end!