July 19, 2014

Stuff That I Like- 7/19/14

Just got back from the Taos Writers Conference, and I have to say, this was the best thing for me in terms of finally getting my novel off the ground. I wrote up the outline a couple months ago and hadn't done anything with it since, but once I got up there, the creative juices started flowing. I was in a week-long class of novel structure with Laura Brodie as our teacher, and it was really cool because the age ranged from 19 (which was me; I was the youngest in there) to 78! That's crazy! And everyone was just so positive and outgoing and gave excellent feedback, and the homework we had made me write some pages for my novel that quickly turned into very light chapters. It was a great experience with such creative people, all of whom had superb ideas and stories and drafts! Such a fun time.

I'm currently reading A Dance with Dragons, and I'm tempted to call this my favorite book out of the whole series that's been released so far! I haven't finished it, but when I do I intend to do something on here regarding my thoughts about this one, because my reasons for liking this one so much are pretty skewed, and I recognize that this one is not liked by many, so I'm coming at this with some things to say! Nevertheless, this story is awesome, and I love that we've returned to the fan-favorite characters after a book of not having them there (though I'll talk about that when I eventually do finish this and have the time to write a post about it... so yeah, expect the series to be finished when I do that!)

Going to see the new Planet of the Apes tomorrow (I know, a week late again, but there was a schedule change). Pretty excited! Only three weeks before I leave my home to finish off the summer with family up in the Northwest and head off to college! Pretty exciting. In those three weeks, I do hope to get some reviews of Prime episodes up, and we'll see what else gets tossed up here for your reading pleasure!

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