May 7, 2014

Days 346 and 347

Had a fantastic time up at Apple Mountain with my class! We all got our yearbooks and basically spent the last two days standing or sitting around and signing them or just shooting the breeze. It was lovely up there. Unfortunately, I got sick, so now my throat's all aching and my head's messed up. Got it from a friend, I think.

The sentimental mood was felt throughout my class though, because along with yearbooks, our Senior Committee handed each student their own "Paper Plate Award", a paper plate with a reference to the person written on it, usually running the lines of "most likely to" or "best". Mine was "Most Likely to Write My Own Dictionary", which I found quite appropriate because I love words!

Other than that, not much happened over these two days. We got back at around 3:00 today, and then Aaron and I headed home. We watched The Amazing Spider-Man in the hopes of getting the bad taste of the second one out of our mouths. Now, we're watching X-Men: First Class, because we really have nothing better to do. I'm still really sick, so I might call it an early night tonight. Glad to be home, everyone!

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