May 25, 2014

Day 365

A year ago today I posted a picture of my newest Iron Man figure taking flight at the post office as the picture of the day. I now don't have any pictures going with these posts, and while they've gotten longer over time, this last month's have been rather short just because of how much has been going on. And beyond that, look at how boring my life has been in the year you've all gotten to know me kind of!

Well, I guess we'll do the usual for the last time (unless I do another one of these Project 365s, which I don't think I will). I woke up late today and missed the departure of my Aunt and her adorable child, which made me kind of sad. But I woke up and it was nice to just catch my breath, because these last few days have just been chaotic! So chaotic, in fact, that I failed to post the 363 post until last night, so sorry about that! I guess you got to read about my party and my actual graduation on the same day. But today I didn't do a whole lot beyond chatting with my grandparents and setting up their Apple IDs (dear God, did that take forever!) But it was okay, because we all had leftover ribs and sausage for lunch, and man, we still have more in the fridge!

Said goodbye to my grandparents in the afternoon, and they were the last of the family to leave. Whew! I love all my family, and I thank them all for coming out and supporting and celebrating me at graduation and the party! It was such a nice couple of days, however jam-packed they were. I can't believe that graduation is now over. My high school days are over! That's still hitting me now, and probably will hit me again and again in the days to come!

Anyway, went out to Flying Star per our Sunday usual, and tomorrow we might see Days of Future Past if all goes according to the very loose plan we have going on for tomorrow. Expect a Mini-View of that and my review of "Darkmount, NV" soon!

The end of a year's worth of daily blog posts, but certainly not the end of the blog! Thanks for trekking along, and I hope you all continue to do so.

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