May 24, 2014

Day 363

I graduated from high school today!

I feel so elated, I can't even believe it! The waiting around and various pictures prior to the actual ceremony was the hardest part, because I was super excited and impatient!

The ceremony itself was very good! All the choir performances went off without a hitch, and I was mentioned three times over the various speeches that the teachers gave! The commencement speaker was really good! He talked about an active mind and even composed a poem for us! It was lovely. Our class speaker was awesome, of course; he made people cry, which I think is a win in anyone's book!

Came back to the house after spending time at the reception, and had some food, got changed, and then headed out again for family photos! These were really good, and my two little cousins held together through the whole thing, something not easily achieved by a three and four year-old!

After this, we all went out to a lovely celebratory dinner! It was awesome and I had spaghetti for dinner and bread pudding for dessert! It was great! Came back home and now suffice it to say, I'm really exhausted! I'll see you all tomorrow for the big party!

Obligatory graduation pictures!

Alumni honorary brick!

And finally, my diploma!

I had an amazing seven years at this school! I will miss it dearly!

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