May 22, 2014

Day 362

Okay, so today was crazy! Got up and went to the senior breakfast which was a lot of fun. We got to see the video that a fellow student made in memory of us as a sentimental thing, and it was super sweet! There was a picture in there of me and my best friend that I just love, and I'm glad that this one was able to get in there! Also was interviewed about my thesis afterwards, and that was pretty cool too.

After this, I came home and cleaned the house some more. Swept the backyard patio, cleaned the bathrooms, and prepped the master bedroom for my aunt and my three year-ld cousin who's just the most awesome thing ever! That took about two hours, and then i came back to school to walk through the logistics of procession and all that for tomorrow! Also rehearsed the Float On song for a final time. It sounds okay. As long as I remember to count my measures, I think it'll be fine.

Then my aunt and cousin got in, but their luggage was on another flight, so we had to go back to the airport and get the luggage prior to returning home. It was a whole ordeal, but the three year-old hung in there for the whole duration of the journey, so we were all proud of the little trooper for that! More family arrived shortly after our arrival, and it was a nice pre-graduation family party! My cousin who is in college gave me all the tips and hints and warnings about college life, so that was fun, and we of course talked about other stuff like English, science, Buffy, and other geeky things!

Well, I better hit the hay. Big day tomorrow! I cannot believe it's come to this at long last!

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