May 21, 2014

Day 361

We're on the home stretch now, people! Spent the day running errands of getting food and more food, a lot of drinks, a few more carts of food! Actually, we spent the morning cleaning house, getting ready for my grandparents to come into town later today, and then we went to the grocery and got what must have been $400 worth of food! It was ridiculous!

After stopping to get groceries, I then went to two graduation parties! The first was at a friend's house, and she's awesome because she's a huge comic book nerd! She's going to the Arizona Comic Con and Nathan Fillion is going to be there; autographs are $60... so I managed to wrangle her into getting an autograph of his for me! I'm so excited for that! The party was pretty awesome too, and I love hanging out with my friends.

The other party was much more of a get-together, with more students present and lots more going on. Not to say that the first party was bad, but this one had more activity. The person for whom the party was was awesome. She and I have known each other for twelve years, and so I was quite pleased to see her casual-like prior to all the school stuff tomorrow and Friday. It was super fun to hang out with her and all my friends here, and this was a nice end to the day.

Came back home and talked with my grandparents for a good two hours about school and yearbooks and stuff and am now heading to bed. Why so early? Because I have to be up at 7:00 tomorrow to go to a senior breakfast at my school! Tomorrow will be a very packed day, actually, so it should be pretty fun!

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