May 18, 2014

Day 358

Okay, so I have some bad news.

My plan for delving into the third season of Prime must be put on hold until after this weekend. There's just too much stuff going on this week for me to get this out, and I am so sorry about that! I know I said I'd have the first part out this week, but just looking ahead, I have way too much happening! I have family coming in, parties, house preparation, and I don't have time to sit down and watch it, organize my thoughts, and then write a review. I know it doesn't seem like a lot of work must be done to get these review out, but I do all of this stuff on my own (that's why so many of my review have typos in them). So, I'll be getting back to reviewing next week after all the guests are gone and I've graduated!

Anyway, enough excuses! I spent a majority of today cleaning house and getting stuff for our backyard garden. I actually really enjoy gardening! Planted some awesome flowers and other assorted plants, and then went out to lunch and got some gifts for people in my class as graduation presents! Picked myself up a copy of Tough Women, a collection of short stories with female leads by all types of authors! I'm eagerly anticipating digging into it (because it's really long)! Also ran into my headmaster at that bookstore; that wasn't weird at all! He did say that the head of the middle school at the eighth grade graduation (yes, we have one) in her speech mentions Buffy and Joss Whedon! I might just drop by to hear that! In fact, I am able to do so as I have a senior breakfast this Thursday, the same day as the eighth grade graduation, so I could make it!

Came back home and continued getting the house in shape for guests to, y'know, stay here! We still need to get the excercycle (which we don't use anyway) into the garage so that my Mom's room has enough space in there for her sister and a three year-old! Hung up some pictures that were just lying on the hearth of the fireplace to get those out of the way too.

Okay, so I found this awesome violin concerto by Joseph Joachim, and just listening to it has now inspired me to maybe tackle a third violin concerto of my own! I encourage you to look this guy up! He didn't write much, but the stuff he did write is just gorgeous. The concerto I found is Joachim's first violin concerto in G minor, and it's insane! It's a romantic piece, but it feels very much like a symphonic work that just happens to star the violin! It's incredibly difficult but so beautiful! It might beat the Kabolevsky concerto as my favorite violin concerto ever! Here are two links to the first and second parts of the first movement recording (because it's really long): First part; Second part.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'll try to finish that review tomorrow! Again, sorry about the longer wait.

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