May 17, 2014

Day 357

Woke up really late this morning! I spent most of the day working on my Taos Writers Workshop submission and watching the Age of Extinction, Days of Future Past, and Lucy trailers multiple times because those all look really awesome! Also went to see Godzilla, and I put up a Mini-View of it if you're interested in how I feel about it! House cleaning is coming along nicely; we now have everything off the hearth of the fireplace and got several boxes of stuff loaded into the garage. We're making progress.

Saw last Monday's 24: Live Another Day episode. This one was a little more bland than the previous two, but it had some good moments in there. I'm curious how this whole thing is going to play out! Well, I realize that this is a short post, but give me some slack! You got two other posts on here for today, I'm sure you can deal with a short post this time (not that these are anything huge). I'm off to bed. Tomorrow there will be more house cleaning and maybe drafting my "Darkmount" review!

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