May 16, 2014

Day 356

Today started out great because my fellow advisees had breakfast at Weck's as a get-together with our advisor and thank him for how awesome he is. It was a great breakfast because Weck's is freaking awesome, and it was a nice hour of hanging out together for the last time before graduation! After this, my Mom and I went to Costco to get some large packages for next Saturday's party! We got two big cases of wine, a huge thing of Coke, some Rice Krispies for ourselves because we love sugar and carbs, and some other snacks for the party. Spent some time today writing up my review of "Darkmount", the first of the four-part Season Three opener for Transformers Prime. It's slow-going because of real life stuff and also because I'm just really not feeling review-y right now if that makes sense. I need to be in a mood to do these, and I'm just not feeling it right now. Sorry, and thank you for your patience!

Had the big huge bombastic concert with 300 other musicians from all twelve grades at my school! Take a look at this picture of the orchestra on the far left and the audience on the right! It's awesome!

The concert itself was the smoothest one out of all four of the ones I've done. For one, it wasn't drastically windy, rainy, or otherwise bad weather, and also we stayed together better than we have in past. We didn't sound great, but by God was this an improvement over previous years! Logistically too, it was tighter this year. People got there, got set up, and coordination and communication were better. I'm glad this was my last one of these! This is one aspect of my school I will not miss!

Came home and had Indian food because I love Indian food and was in the mood for something spicy! Now off to my room to catch up on my reading for pleasure (maybe actually get back to A Feast for Crows; that'd be such a novelty!) and then bed! Goodnight all!

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