May 15, 2014

Day 355

As of now, I'm officially done with curricular activities! Granted, I still have to play at the concert tomorrow, but besides that, I'm done! I'm done with high school minus graduation (so I guess I have next week)... the point is, I'm really happy!

Today, I worked more on my Taos outline submission, sketching out some characters to populate my story, giving them names and such, and also watched a lot of reviews of Transformers toys. And speaking of Transformers, the new Age of Extinction trailer came out! I might do a post on this after this one, but no promises. Found out also that tomorrow morning, my advisory is having a farewell breakfast, because getting sappy and emotional at Apple Mountain wasn't enough; we also now have to all gather at Wex and chill there with our advisor! It should be awesome, though!

Hey, let's talk some colloquium! So, I must say that it was really nice to just have to show up and not talk to thirty people! I learned a lot tonight too. It was a lovely experience; every presentation I went to (except for the last one) I felt I gained a new perspective about the world. In the first one I saw, I learned about being a vegan and how it's not as black and white as people think it is, nor is it as hostile as everyone makes it out to be. It was very interesting, and the presenter did a great job of not coming across as attacking the people who aren't vegan. It was a very well-balanced talk, and that was excellent to see on a rather hot-button topic! The second presentation talked about groupthink in the jury system of the courts, and that was really good too because the speaker talked about her education at my school alongside that, and how our school does a good job of diversifying its students' intellectual development. It was really interesting.

The third presentation was also really cool. This one was on comic books and art and the messages and themes behind that and how that's changed. This was fascinating, because it looked at art in comics from the 1950s, talking about the aftermath of WWII, the cold war, all that stuff, and then compared that to stuff seen in the '80s like Watchmen, which looked at a more complicated hero, all the way up to now where the presenter argued that superhero comics are really not as popular as they once were, that we're now looking for more realistic people to relate to. I don't agree with that, but the argument was presented very well, and I loved how he analyzed the thematic importance of the art in comics and the development of that over time!

And then the last presentation. This is the one where I had to play my violin to help out with it, and while I sucked because I messed up and was absurdly nervous for no reason, that wasn't the problem with the whole thing. The problem with the whole thing was really what the presenter argued. He said that heavy metal was like classical music in that it was harmonically similar and used the same techniques as classical music of being made up of major and minor chords, progressions, etc. Well yeah, but you could make that argument for any music in comparison to any other music form! Hell, isn't that what music is? And what makes this bad is that the presenter actually touched upon a great topic that was so close to what he was talking about... but he did it in the Q&A session, in which he said that heavy metal should be just as respected as other types of music... great! But where was that in your argument, sir? Not trying to be negative here, but truth be told, this was the weakest presentation I saw, not because of the presenter's flawed argument, not because I messed up in helping him demonstrate what he was talking about, but because he was so close to talking about something that could have and should have been his main point! So disappointing! While it did kinda suck to end on a rather bland note, overall, this colloquium thing was a huge hit! I'm so happy my school does this, and I liked that some alumni came back to watch it! That's cool; I hope I'll be able to do that in the future!

Came back home and watched the Season Three finale of Person of Interest! It was intense, but I wished they had focussed more on the moral and ethical debates regarding the Machine and what Finch was going through. It kinda felt like it was retreading ground. Not bad, but just a tad underdone. The final act though, that was awesome! And I like that it's kind of entered a soft reboot with the ending there. I can't wait to see Season Four in the fall!

Well, I'm off to bed. Great day today, and I'm hoping that tomorrow's concert won't be too bad (it will, but I can dream, can't I?)

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