May 12, 2014

Day 352

Had an awesome day today. I started the Netflix series House of Cards, and it is just ruthlessly awesome! This Underwood character is just a piece of work, and Kevin Spacey plays him with such cold calculative precision that he's able to make you tremble and scared as hell even when he's being nice! It's really a remarkable show, and I highly recommend it!

Well, you can guess what I did with my day today then. I also ran through my colloquium presentation, which apparently now is running over twenty minutes, and I'm kinda freaking out about it! I don't know why it's going longer, it's not like I've added anything to it beyond a five second synopsis covering the show. I must tighten it up prior to Wednesday! I also worked on the thesis itself a little bit more, and worked on my Taos Writer's Workshop submission a little bit. It's getting there.

Worked on my friend's thesis presentation a little bit as well. Just rehearsed the Beethoven and the Aces High excerpts a couple of times. They sound much better now than they did on presentation day four weeks ago. Then my Mom and I went out to dinner and then headed over to the awards ceremony at my school. The ceremony is mostly for seniors, but there are a few junior, sophomore, and freshmen awards as well. Last year, I won the History award. This year, I won the Strings music award, so that was nice. Groups were recognized as well (I was awarded a cord for my participation in Tri-M Music Honors Society), and a few of my peers were recognized for outstanding academic performance over the course of their four years of high school. Anyway, the whole thing was super awesome and fun, and it was nice to be supportive to those who got the really prestigious stuff, and it was nice to win something of my own.

Now I'm back at home working on my Taos submission and watching more House of Cards! See you all tomorrow!

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