May 10, 2014

Day 350

Had a pretty good day today, getting really awesome in the evening, but I guess I'll get to that! I started off the morning working a little bit more on my thesis: I read the introductions to all of my Buffy books to get a sense of what these people are saying overall, and then reread my introduction to see if I did the same. I think I did, but I do want to incorporate some of what these other authors are saying into my paper because even in their introductions, these people have stuff to say that's relevant to the whole of my paper! It's really awesome!

Aaron and I went to the state track meet today. It was really good! Our girls team got third, and watching the medleys was really awesome! We also had lunch and picked up Mother's Day gifts. Came home and worked more on my thesis. Aaron's family flew in and arrived around dinner time, so we went to meet them before Aaron left. The dinner was really great, and it was nice to see Aaron's family before saying goodbye. I'm glad he stayed over, and I hope he had a good time here!

Then my Mom and I went to see George RR Martin and Diana Gabaldon speak at this even called A Word with Writers! It was a great talk, with the two talking about their experiences writing their respective works, how they work when writing, the inceptions for their books, and so on. It was really great to hear them talk about this stuff; both are super articulate and thoughtful, and it was just a joy to listen to them discuss their books and their lives. Super awesome talk!

Now I'm back home and ready for bed. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, thank God. I'll see you all tomorrow!

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