May 9, 2014

Day 349

Alright, so I'm still really sick. I actually think I'm getting better, but that doesn't mean I feel good. I feel terrible! Got up and had some yummy French toast, then headed out to the senior barbecue with Aaron. The lunch was fine, and I got to hang out with my friends, and that was cool. It was a gorgeous day outside, and it was nice to be at school for just a laid back event.

Of course, then it turned out that the strings and choir people had a spontaneous rehearsal of the graduation song I arranged, and so that kinda sucked. But, the rehearsal itself went fine I guess. I must arrange a new piano part for the pianist because they don't want to drown out the strings that have the top line of the piano, so I will do that this weekend.

Came back home and did some more work on the introduction of my thesis. I've started rereading Nervous Conditions too for some reason. I really like that book! Went out for Indian food for dinner. I had a really nasty bloody nose though, so that kind of hampered things. Had this awesome spicy shrimp though, and that was really good! Came back home and Aaron and I watched X-Men: United. I think that's still the best film of the X-Men film franchise, with First Class coming in at a close second for me.

I'm now off to bed because I'm really tired and sick and just a disgusting creature right now. See you all tomorrow!

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