May 8, 2014

Day 348

Well, I got up early this morning, because Lord knows my sanity needed that little cherry on top of this rather crap sundae! I'm still sick (it's now turned into a congestive head cold), but I went to strings rehearsal anyway because I'm a good student like that. We didn't do a whole lot in there today. Actually, the amusing thing is that all of us in there today were seniors; everyone wlse had decided to ditch class I guess. Sk, we got to work on rehearsing Float On for the senior graduation. It went horribly, but hopefully with the choir and drums and piano keeping everything in check, we should be fine... so yeah, basically we're relying on everyone else to get this to work!

Came home after this and had a long nap because I was super tired. Then I got up and started in on getting my Willamette email set up and Colloqium classes and questionnaire submitted. Now all I need to do is take the language placement exam, register for the rest of classes, get a firm and roommate, and go off to college to learn some stuff! I remind myself daily that the stressful part of this was over when the acceptance letters rolled in (lol! Nope!)

Practiced the violin for an hour before heading out to what is probably going up be my last violin lesson for May just because of how much stuff I've got going on for the next few Thursdays. We worked pretty diligently on Kabolevsky and we quit early because I'm sick and I must have been pretty shit company!

Came home and had some yummy spaghetti and then watched the first X-Men movie because I guess Aaron and I are marathoning the movies now. I like to think it's in perpetrator for the new ins coming out here shortly! I'm off to bed now. Goodnight.

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