May 5, 2014

Day 345

This was a shit day.

As some of you may know, I'm not really big on the whole service learning program that we have at my school. My biggest issue with it is the person in charge is completely incompetent, and the work we do besides that isn't even very good or rewarding. Like today. Today we all split up into groups and worked on different farm sights, and I guess every other group had a much better time than I did by God, because y'know what I did with my day? I dug trenches! It was literally my own, and several others' definition of hell! And our chaperon didn't even help out! And then she almost got us killed on the way back because I guess she was so incompetent that she didn't even know how yo drive a bus, and then she blamed us for nearly getting into an accident! I fucking hate service learning!!!

Loner we got back to school though, things got better. We all got our caps and gowns, so I guess we're all graduating! That's exciting! Also , I talked to my track coach, and it turns out I only have to go to practice Wednesday! I don't even have to go to the meet! I mean, I will home out and support the team for a bit, but I won't be required there for the whole time, which is nice. Also, we got our Colloquium schedule! I'm going first on Wednesday of next week, which works out super well for me because I'll already be there for a strings rehearsal! I'm also going to several of the ones that I haven't yet seen! Should be awesome!

AYS tonight went very well! We're really staring to polish up our pieces for our New York tour! Also, our conductor, you know, the sexist dictatorial asshole, yeah, he's resigning! Thank God! I'm actually a little sad that he's leaving honestly, but I'm glad of it too. It'll be nice to get a fresh pair of eyes in on the program.

Tomorrow, we do more work that doesn't matter and then head over to Apple Mountain for an overnight! Might not be able to blog tomorrow because there's no wifi up there, so we'll see!

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