May 4, 2014

Day 344

Today was an enjoyable relaxing day of watching movies and planning out the week! I got up at around noon again, because I stayed up kinda late posting my Mini-View of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I also worked a whole lot on expanding my thesis for no reason today. I just had this urge to write more on it, because I started reading all these essays in some of the Buffy books I had read for my thesis in the first place. I went back to those and started reading some stuff that I hadn't read before, and so I wanted to include that in my paper... I'm a weird kid, okay?! I also wrote a really shoddy "review" of Shatter Me. Really it's more of an explanation of why I don't do music or album reviews than anything else.

Aaron and I watched the first Transformers movie, which I surprisingly hadn't seen in at least four years! Okay, maybe not that long, but it'd been a while. I remembered it perfectly though because I have nothing better to commit to memory than the first in a long string of Michael Bay car porn movies! We took a little break in the middle of this to plant our first couple of plants in my backyard garden that we now have going! I'm pretty excited about it actually. Aaron and I finished off the movie and by the end I was exhausted. I did not remember this film being as long as it felt this time around. Probably because I had seen it before, but it also had that feeling of you know everything that's going to happen so it feels protracted, if that makes sense.

And then after that movie, Aaron and I decided to watch The Dark Knight, because why the hell not?! It's one of my favorite movies anyway, so I felt better about this one than i did rewatching Transformers for the umpteenth time. Strangely, both movies' discs were scratched, and so both movies froze up in places. Besides this, though, watching The Dark Knight again was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Bagged and boarded up my comics from the past two months, and this began to clear off my desk in my room. Now all I have on there is an SAT book that I use as a platform to put my laptop on because I don't want to be hunched over all the time, and some CDs. All three of us went out to Flying Star, and there we discussed the logistics for this week. It's a pretty weird week because the normal schedule is all messed up! Now I'm off to bed to get some sleep so that I may embark on that crazy schedule starting tomorrow!

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