May 3, 2014

Day 343

Lots of cleaning and getting things in order today! I actually woke up at noon, by which time my Mom had already been to the grocery store, gotten rid of some things, picked up the dry-cleaning, and returned home to continue sprucing up the guest room! I was a little abashed, I'll admit. I helped out in the afternoon, though. I cleaned my bathroom, and we made sure the spare room was presentable for Aaron to stay in. I also cleaned out a lot of junk in my room.

Went to the comic book store today too! It was Free Comic Book Day today, so our store was super crowded. I didn't get any free comic books. Instead I caught up on the IDW Transformers series with their cross-titled "Dawn of the Autobots" line, one of the stupidist titles ever, and picked up the new Amazing Spider-Man #1, which I'm really excited to read. I now have a huge stack of comics on my desk because I failed to bag and board last month's haul.

Aaron arrived at around 6:00, and we had dinner. That was fun. He's staying over for the week, so that should be interesting! Hope no one dies. We went to go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after dinner, and I'll be putting my thoughts on that film up here shortly. Now we're back home, and I'm ready to go to bed. Oh, and after two weeks of waiting, my signed booklet and second copy of Lindsey Stirling's Shatter Me album came today (expect a review of that to go up sometime tomorrow).

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