May 2, 2014

Day 342

And so, it has thus arrived that I am now done with classes! Today was super bittersweet! The senior pranks hit it off really well with everyone, and the mood around campus was one of joy and sadness at the prospect of being done with high school academics. For me personally, I'm more sad than not; I've had an amazing seven years at this school, and today it really hit me hard that I'm leaving for college, and that I'm now done with high school classes! I'm just overwhelmed with feelings right now!

I began the day with our daily Morning Meeting, in which everyone gathers in the cafeteria and sits through faculty and student announcements. It's normally a rather boring time, but today was really special, because all the senior advisors got up and each read their own section from Dr. Seuss's Oh, the Places You'll Go. It was really heartwarming because they also had a slideshow of pictures of us from across the seven years and displayed all of our colleges up there as well! It was a really great send-off into the day.

Presentations concluded for me first block with two presentations that were both very strong and very weak in different areas. The first one was weak only because the presenter was not very well put together. Truthfully, she doesn't have a very good public speaking ability nor can she hold a room very well. She also wants to be a teacher, and that's what her thesis was about: good teaching. The topic itself was fascinating, and what she was talking about was very strong. She knew her facts and her ideas about what makes a good teacher agreed with my opinions on that topic, and even the ones that didn't sit well with me (like grouping each person into a specific kind of thinking) were still very interesting and presented clearly. But the speaker's speaking ability and her inability to hold our attention definitely withdrew several points from her grade according to the teachers.

The second presentation had almost the opposite problem. This speaker talked about Guantanamo Bay and how we need to get rid of it and the military courts in place there. This was an amazing topic, and the presenter did really well with presenting her arguments about it. Her facts were strong, her delivery was clear and blunt... and therein lay the problem. She showed us a video of a man voluntarily being force-fed a la Guantanamo torture, and it was just brutal. The images she showed were also rather graphic and the whole thing was almost too depressing for a presentation. It was an excellent presentation, but definitely not something I'd want to go to to have a good time.

Advanced English was alright. We handed in our portfolios and then spent the rest of the time chatting it up with our teacher. He told us about his trip to DC this past week, and we all went around in a circle and presented our portfolio covers and our stories about our titles and/or works we put into the portfolio. It was a nice way to end this particular class.

Strings was nice too! Along with the choir, we all met in the band room to run through our end of the year big concert pieces. They went okay. We all sound very unbalanced, but I'm sure with a few more rehearsals we'll all get it... aw who am I kidding? This end of the year thing always goes terribly! At least this year we have somewhat respectable pieces. After this, my strings class took a trip to the frozen yogurt place and we had a nice discussion about theses and being seniors (even those of us who weren't seniors were in on the conversation), and it was a nice time! I really loved the strings program at my school!

Finally, we ended our high school academic career with STAM, the class I least enjoyed this year. However, this survey project was really interesting to me, and I completed it as well as handed in my textbook which we literally didn't use at all over the course of the year! This was again a very low-key class (only five people showed up because the rest of the class was done with their projects), and since I got done like right away, I spent the rest of the class chatting with other people while they worked (without annoying them, I assure you). The class ended nicely and there was ice cream! You can't beat ending a day like that!

The bittersweet-ness was all over the Upper School building today as we all headed home! The pranks were taken down while I was in STAM, so I had to do virtually no clean-up, which was nice. I had a great discussion of sentimentality with some friends of mine, one of whom lost their keys, another of whom lost their wallet after they left school... people I guess lose things a lot at my school. You'd think I'd've picked up on that seven years into all this, but no, it still surprises me!

Went out to a celebratory dinner with my Mom and now I'm back home. I set up all my academic books that I've supposedly read over the course of my seven years at my school! The mass of literature is just astounding! I'm off to bed now. It was a fantastic day, and a huge thanks to everyone for making it a kick ass seven years!

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