May 1, 2014

Day 341

Got a lot of stuff done today! First I had presentations, and these two were by two awesome friends of mine! The first was on the morality of a superhero, and the interesting thing here was that the presenter took the opposing view to what most would take: she argued that killing the villains was better in the long run than just locking them up. She looked at Batman and Rorschach as examples of the hero who doesn't cross the line and the one that does, and the presentation was super awesome. I don't agree with the argument, but again, like with the Star Trek presentation, the argument that was presented was presented well and respectfully, with intelligent uses of evidence and clips of the various films and video games. It was really cool.

The second presentation was also very cool. It argued against the incarceration of drug abusers, suggesting that we get them the help they need instead of just tossing them in jail. That's a very simplified synopsis of what hers was about, and it was a very good presentation because of all the statistics she threw at us, and she presented her argument without turning this into a political slamming of the opposing view point. Very effective and not at all easy to do.

Strings was okay today. We worked more on the end of the year hupla concert pieces. America the Beautiful still sounds like crap, but we're getting there. I also printed out and turned in strings parts for the senior graduation song. The choir parts are already being worked onby those singing, so I figured it was time to get on it with the strings people. I feel bad because I didn't realize that this was my project; I thought I was just the arranger for the music, but I guess I'm in charge of everything. Wonderful (not).

Third block was more presentations! These two were really cool. The first one was comparing Vaugner's Ring Cycles to Lord of the Rings! It was awesome because the presenter not only discussed the two works, but also the two men who were radically different from each other, and she commented on the idea that they had created works of similar origins and plots given this. It was super cool and we got to listen to some Ring Cycles opera, and that got stuck in my head for the rest of the day!

The second presentation took a look at misrepresentation in dance and the treatment of young women in the industry. This was fascinating because like many presentation, this one had a personal element. It was pretty powerful and really interesting!

Fourth block I worked on STAM stuff. I'm not going to the track meet tomorrow because I need to finish my conclusion to this thing, but it's coming together, and tomorrow will be a nice opportunity to wrap everything up. Went off campus for track today as usual, but I came back to school this time because then my Mom picked me up and we had a quick bite to eat before I returned to school for senior prank setup!

Getting everything ready for tomorrow was a hell of a lot of fun! And we didn't even stay all that late. Certainly not until midnight, obviously. Everything looks awesome, and while it'll be a little bit of a hassle taking things down, it's worth it I think. We have a lot going on for tomorrow's pranks! It's gonna be awesome!

Well, I'm off to bed now. Pretty tired after all that went on today! Tomorrow is my last day of classes for high school! Hot damn! Can't believe how quickly seven years of education went by!

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