May 14, 2014

Day 354

I'm feeling both relieved and still also quite giddy about tonight, but I'll get to that in due time. First off, I started my day with going to the eye doctor and getting my eyes checked out. It turns out that my glasses suck for my eyes, so I got a new prescription today and will probably get new glasses this weekend. Came back home, took a nap because I got my eyes dilated, and then practiced the hell out of my colloquium presentation!

Went to school for a rehearsal for Friday's big ridiculous bombastic concert. It was only twenty minutes. I spent the next ten just hanging out, and then went home to change and eat an early dinner before colloquium night! I was super nervous upon arrival, and fumbled my way through setting up the technology for my powerpoint. Everyone around me was pretty nervous too! But then the big moment came (I was in the first group to present), and my room was just packed to the brim with people! Not at all calming for the nerves, to be honest, but I presented and did my best to smashing success. I'm unashamedly happy to admit that my presentation was received with rave reviews from those who saw it. That's a good feeling, I'll admit. The other presentations I saw were all really awesome, too! There was one excellent one on the benefits of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles which was very nicely presented, another which examined Desperate Housewives as a feminist show (which it absolutely is), and that was great! The other two were also really cool, too. One talked about the importance of being aware of forrest fires, the other talked about the drawbacks and ethics of solitary confinement. This whole event was amazing to me, because it really showcased what we've learned over the year in a way that has us talk about what we love! And it continues tomorrow, and I'm super excited about that!

Now back at home, still pretty high up in the air about all this stuff. I'm glad to be done (though as is my way, I'm still going to be working on my thesis because reasons), and it was super enjoyable to see peoples' presentations that I had not yet seen. Super enjoyable!

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