April 30, 2014

Day 340

I have a really awful headache. That's partly why I'm blogging early tonight, also because I'm staying up really late tomorrow night to help set up for senior prank.

Anyway, today was pretty cool. We had STAM first in which we worked more on our projects. I'm going to go over mine with the teacher tomorrow to see what could be fixed or improved. Presentations were fun today. The first was talking about how music should be taught in elementary schools as a core subject, because music helps children develop other skills besides music like reading, math, and test-taking. It was a nice simple presentation.

The second was on a history of alchemy and it's influence on modern science, as well as arguing against a large portion of the myths that have been built up around the subject of alchemy. The presentation was cool because it dove into some of the historical figures of alchemy and then talked about modern scientific advancements that some consider scary or unethical. It was neat.

Advanced English was a work day, though I was done with my portfolio project. So, instead, I read these fantastic articles that my friend who did the Star Trek presentation gave me and now I'm adding them in to my thesis... two days before classes get out! Man, I'm such a need! Anyway, these papers were fascinating and really summed up the first half of my thesis really well!

In strings, we got new music for the big end of the year concert that all of us hate. We're doing America the Beautiful, Pompeii,  and an arrangement of some tunes from West Side Story. America is the weirdest one; lots of half position and unintuitive runs.

Went to Costco after school today to get some supplies for tomorrow's prank setup. Now I'm home about to eat dinner and go to bed. Goodnight all (even though this is super early for me... sorry)

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