April 27, 2014

Day 337

Alright, so I had a pretty good day today! Woke up and did my two-variable analysis for STAM, so that's now taken care of which is nice. We started putting the spare room back together today too! Moving all the books back in was a huge relief because now our hallway is almost able to be traversed by two people at the same time! Sweet! I also worked a little bit on my summer writer's workshop outline. It's coming along nicely. I'm hoping to get more of it done tomorrow night in lieu of going to AYS.

Speaking of AYS, the concert went very well! I got there at around six because we needed to rehearse prior to the AYO performance, and so we did that. And then AYO performed, and that was lovely. They have a much more relaxed feeling about them than I think we do, and they sounded great! I honestly don't know why everyone (including me; I'm not exempted here) is complaining about with that orchestra, because it's a damn fine orchestra. Then it was AYS's turn to perform, and we did alright. Actually, the Barber violin concerto was superb of course because the soloist is just this amazing violinist! She makes it look so easy! As it was our final concert of the season proper, they did do senior recognition, and those of us who are seniors stood up on our chairs. It was pretty scary because first, I'm afraid of heights, even minor hieghts like this, and second because the chair was on uneven ground on stage, so it was kind of wobbly! But the recognition was nice, and I'm glad that they do that.

A large portion of my school came to se us perform, which I thought was super nice and I'm glad that they supported us like this for our last hurrah! We got out of there by 9:30, and I came home and now I'm ready for bed. This week should be cake! I'm looking forward to it, provided the wind dies down!

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