April 26, 2014

Day 336

Alright, so every once in a while, I check out the views and activity on newer posts, and today I noticed that my Winter Soldier Mini-View has gained quite a lot of attention, apparently only over the last couple of days? Why? I'm not complaining by any means, but I'm really curious as to what made these past few days special and why that post out of all the posts I've done has been the target of attention.

Anyway, today itself kinda sucked. The wind is howling like this... nevermind, I'm sure you know it. But seriously, this Albuquerque wind is ridiculous! I had a track meet, and our tent which was weighted down with bags and rope still managed to get picked up by the wind not once but twice! It was crazy, and the worst part was that the meet wasn't over until 8:00!!! Only a couple of our people stayed the full time, but still! I got home at around 3:15, and I not only had to take a shower to get all the sand out of my hair, but then I had to use a comb, an appliance I had not used for the better part of three years now, just to unknot my hair afterwards! It was actually really disgusting!

Had a violin lesson today to make up for last Thursday (that's why I had to leave the track meet early), and we worked pretty hard on the Kabolevsky violin concerto. I've gotten to this point in the piece with all these chords that are really weird finger-wise, but actually pretty intuitive and smart. They're just not very ear-friendly. Came back home and put the spare room back together... sort of. We screwed on the vents and outlet covers, and put the shelves back together, and tomorrow we're going to start putting stuff back in there! Yay! Went out to dinner and had some yummy Thai food, then came back home and I worked on my Advanced English homework. I'm about ready for bed though. Goodnight everyone!

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