April 25, 2014

Day 335

Lots of chess tosdy! Pretty much played all day today. The first game was pretty good even though I lost. I had some good moments in there. Took a break andgot some good fun speed chess games in. The second and final game was the best one beaches I won, but also because I had a really awesome endgame! My team got third place overall, but I didn't stay for the awards ceremony because I had to get back to school for track.

Track was very short today. I did get the packet for my final Advanced English project, a portfolio showcasing our writing this year. It's kind of a daunting project, but upong coming home, I set to work on it because that's what I do on Fridays and got about a third of it done.

Also spent a huge portion of the afternoon on Facebook having this awesome conversation with various members of the Willamette class of 2018 about Buffy and video games and other TV. It was awesome!

I'm now headed off to bed. I have a track meet tomorrow and then a violin lesson after that. Wish me luck!

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