April 24, 2014

Day 334

Had an okay day today. Had first block free, and out of the blue, the choir teacher came up to me and asked for the choir parts for the graduation song! So, I printed out like fifteen copies of the thing and have those to her and then finished my Advanced English poetry portfolio.

I had half a free left after this, so I sat in on a presentation. It was... well, it kinda sucked. I hate saying that about another student's work, but I'm sorry, it was really bad. Mostly because she got all of her medical data incorrect and her presentation on the whole was just all over the place. It was supposedly about children and pain medication and suggested ways of combating injuries without resorting to drugs. Truth be told, I loved the topic, but the presenter handled it in such a weird way. She talked a lot about drug use and the medical uses of drugs, and then only very briefly came back to children. I feel so bad for her. Apparently, her presentation went so bad that, according to her, the teacher grading it didn't even put a grade on the thing because it was so disorganized and off the point that it wasn't even deserving of a grade. Damn! They said they'd get harsher with their grading as the week went on, but Jesus Christ!

Anyway, I had STAM next and we worked on cipher math and congruency. It was pretty easy stuff nice you figured out just what was supposed to be happening, and it was dare I say fun! After this, I read some more of Love Letters to the Dead. It's so amazing! It's slow-going just because I've been so busy these past few weeks, but I intend to finish it over the next week or so.

Advanced English was okay. Our teacher forgot that we had class for like the first twenty minutes or so, and when he came in, he just kinda laughed it off. He handled his screwup well! It was a workday to work on our poems anyway. I guess the portfolios weren't due today, but a friend of mine and I had already done the work, so we left. I went off to get seven copies of our Tri-M CD. It has my concerto on it, so my Mom wanted to give a copy to all of the family I guess.

Fourth block was more presentations, these ones actually good! One of my classmates did his thesis on protesting in the Olympics and how he thinks it's a good thing. This was certainly one of the most well put together and once again, just fascinating! The presenter had incredible stage presence and he knew exactly what he was talking about! The second presentation was very strong as well. This one was on CGI and how it has mostly become a detractor from the plot of the average movie. This one was super cool, and I approved wholeheartedly of the jape he made at the Transformers films! Both were really great, and it was a nice way to end the day.

Had the first round of chess state championships tonight. Got to the hotel where this was hosted at around 6:00 and had this fantastic Indisn taco for dinner! It was amazing! The chess match itself began at 6:30 and I played until 8:15! I lost, but this game was pretty fun. Had a lot of pawn maneuvering and stand offs in this one which I'm not very good at coping with, but I managed to hold my own up until the endgame. Ah well. Two more rounds to go tomorrow! I'm now super tired and I'm going to bed now. Goodnight!

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