April 23, 2014

Day 333

Had a pretty good day today. I had a very quick rehearsal for Strings today in preparation for our concert that was tonight (more on that below), and then had STAM in which we went over ciphers and codes and finally made sense of the stuff that we had no idea what to do with yesterday. Spent the free portions of both those blocks hanging out and trying to crank out two more poems for tomorrow's poetry portfolio (I still have one more to do!)

Colloquium presentations today were just awesome! The first one was this presentation about how to better teach kids about snakes and how to conquer your fear of snakes! I have a huge fear of snakes, but I found the history and current teaching methods fascinating to learn about. The speaker also talked about her project that she conducted throughout the year surveying classes taught about snakes and the surveys that she created about people's fear of snakes and all that. It was super interesting. But then she brought in live snakes! It was the most crazy thing! THis was both awesome and terrifying, because she talked about how we should hold them, a little about their biology, how we should pet them, etc.. But also there were live snakes in the classroom! Carefully monitored, of course, and none of them poisonous, but still! This was actually a really cool presentation despite my phobia, and it was super interesting!

The second one that stood out to me was a presentation on golf! I know, right! Golf? Like, I hate golf. It's so boring! But this presentation was just so fascinating! She talked about the evolution of the golf ball and gold club technology and how she thinks that with more advances in technology, women could compete against men in pro tournaments! The terminology was cool, the stats were super interesting, and her strategies for getting us to the point of seeing mixed-sex matches was just fascinating!

The strings concert was okay in terms of performing. We didn't really do our best, but we did enough to where it was passable. The soloist was fantastic, and the teacher's sendoff to us seniors was very touching! We all got coffee mugs as gifts, and we presented the teacher with class gifts and it was all great. I'm super tired now, so I'm off to bed! It was a great run of strings!

Oh, and the Shatter Me music video is ut! It's fantastic! Watch it here!

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