April 22, 2014

Day 332

Well, today was the big day of stuff! I had my recitation of my poem for Advanced English, which went of alright, though I of course botched the first line right off the bat and then threw a needlessly over-the-top tantrum about it before resuming. It was alright, and I'm glad that it's done.

In strings, we had our cello soloist come in to rehearse with us, and I think that's our strongest piece out of the whole program. We are not really prepared for tomorrow's concert, if truth be told, and ti's not even that the music is all that difficult. It's that we've become pretty lazy about this class, and it really is a real shame, because all of us are pretty good players (some of us are excellent players), and we all have the potential to be great if we work hard enough at it. We always pull through the concert, but it would be nice if we had some confidence going into it!

Well, after that, we had our commencement speech tryouts. I did not win (thank God; I was nervous getting up in front of 72 people, I can't imagine what I'd've been like in front of a thousand!) My speech was completely impromptu, and I think what I had to say was worth something, and I'm glad I at least had this opportunity to present my views on the school. Once again, I'm very glad to have this over with.

Then came the big event! My colloquium presentation was a huge hit! I even got an A for the project, which I'm proud of because they apparently are grading these things really hard! I covered everything I rehearsed for, and I did it with about a minute to spare! And all the video stuff went off without a hitch! Thank God! The Q&A session was alright; one of the questions I got for feedback on the little slips of paper that we all have to fill out for these things asked if it were possible for a "Strong Female Character" stereotype to exist for a character who wasn't physically violent. That really got me thinking about the parameters that I set in the presentation. I'm very glad that this went off well, and I'm glad it's over, though I do still need to present for Colloquium Night, which is the big deal!

Composition tutoring was alright also. I worked on my piano sonata, and we talked about inspiration and doodles and writing down all the little ideas you have in your head. Also worked on some piano exercises. Came home and watched the latest SHIELD! It was pretty cool, though I was hoping Acker's character would do more, but that's probably because I'm used to her being very active in Person of Interest. I did like the suspense that the episode brought, and Coulson's character got a huge boost in terms of complexity and emotion. I liked the subplot with Skye and Ward! That was exciting.

Well, I'm off to bed now after an exhausting day of presenting stuff. Wish me luck on the strings concert tomorrow!

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