April 19, 2014

Day 329

Woke up early today to go to the track meet. The meet was interesting because at first the weather was nice, but then it got all stormy, so the schedule was pushed forward by two hours and no lunch break, so we were all out of there by 1:00, which was really good for me because it freed up the rest of my afternoon. We had some great runs at the meet: one of our people ran like a 10-minute 1600! That's an awesome time, and he paced himself so well. Good job to him!

Came back home and my Mom and I began painting the spare room! We started on the ceiling and I started on one of the walls. Then we took a long break because we marathoned Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and oh my God! This show is now actually good, with like, actual stakes and character moments! The tie-in with Captain America: The Winter Soldier is great because it means that we now have an actual constant threat, and we get good character development! This show has definitely come a long way since the first batch of pretty poor episodes, and I'm super stoked about Amy Acker's appearance on next week's episode.

Speaking of next week's events, I practiced the pieces I need to work on for my friend's colloquium presentation on Monday, and I also completed my one-variable analysis for my STAM project for Tuesday. Tomorrow, I must run through my commencement speaker try-out speech and my own colloquium presentation one more time! Anyway, I had a nice day today, and tomorrow, we paint some more!

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