April 16, 2014

Day 326

Alright! Had a lovely Senior Ditch day! Spent the middle of the day at a friend's house with a bunch of other people who all brought food! I made brownies! Had some really fun laughs and some yummy food, and then these two guys broke the hammock towards the end. That was really the signal for everyone to leave, I think! Despite that, I am very glad I went to this. it was just a nice social function with friends, very relaxing, and super fun.

Came home and completed and posted \my review of "Darkest Hour"! Check it out when you get the chance. Spent a lot of time just watching Lindsey Stirling videos and posting intermittently on Facebook. Oh, and can I just say, I love the new Twitter layout! It's so much easier because it now tells you which of the people you follow then follow you back without you having to go to their page to see it! It's so nice.

Anyway, also went to Target to pick up some stuff. I looked in the music section and found promotional material for Lindsey's new album! There was a poster and they even played a clip from her "Beyond the Veil" video on the screen overhead where they normally advertise movies and stuff! It was actually really surprised. I mean, I knew that her album's deluxe edition was a Target exclusive, but I did not expect it to be as heavily sponsored or promoted as it evidently is. Congrats, Lindsey! Ran into my friend's boyfriend who works there on the way out. He was our cashier, and it was a pretty funny experience.

Went to the Owl Cafe for dinner and I had this really awesome banana and bownie milkshake! I had some actual food too, but the milkshake was super awesome. Came home, worked a little bit on Colloquium presentation, and am now headed to bed. I must be well-rested for my day of bowling tomorrow!

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