April 15, 2014

Day 325

So, today was a very interesting day in terms of school, because this was the last day of normal History and English class, and it really marked the end of the Seniors actually learning anything new. I still have STAM, I still have Advanced English, and I still have Strings, but none of those classes are going to be as challenging or as academically heavy as either of my History classes or our English class. I'm kind of sad that we won't be having normal English or History any more, but for what it's worth, I thought 12th grade English was amazing, and I loved Modern History and Post, so there's that.

In STAM we talked about taxes a little bit, oddly fitting considering that it is tax day today. We also talked a little bit about our projects and it turns out that we're pushing the due dates back by a day which is nice. I already have my one-variable analysis done mostly, and getting to work on the two-variable one should be fun if a little tricky (sorry, my hands are lazy and I don't feel like using commas anymore).

Worked a little bit more on my colloquium presentation before Post, and then in Post we had a sub. We still had the technology group present, and they did a pretty good job. They were the best next to ours in terms of organization and presentation (I still think that ours was more well-thought out), and I liked that they kind of tied all the groups back together with their focus on technology touching all the points of our lives that we focussed on in our other groups. It was a nice send-off for Post, even if the actual teacher wasn't here (he went home sick).

In Advanced English, we had some of the class present their poems. Not all of us presented because some of us forgot, and others are presenting on Thursday... when all the Seniors are gone, but whatever. The poems were nice, and it's cool to have peers present. Not much else happened in that class today. It's gotten kind of boring honestly, but I do like poetry and I like what we're doing with the unit. In Strings we had a substitute too! This guy was crazy awesome! He's a trombone player, and the way he rehearsed us was just really funny because while he drilled us on the more weak spots, he also sang along, and his singing and weird vocal flourishes were just really funny to listen to! I was seriously in tears the first time I heard him follow along singing! It wasn't like obnoxious either; it his that perfect balance of hilarity without crossing over into tedium.

After Strings, I finally got my videos onto my colloquium presentation, though it took longer than expected. Basically, the awesome tech guy showed me how to cut a specific scene using Movie Maker, and I cut the scene I wanted all by myself! I was super proud. So, then we tried to upload the clips to YouTube, but like thirty seconds later, I got this email notification that Fox had taken them down because of copyright infringement. And these were unlisted and private! Fox is just ruthless. So then we had to export the whole project and put it into a PowerPoint (I had been using the Google Drive presentation thing which for some reason only has video uploading available through YouTube; you can't upload your own thing which I think is just really dumb). But now I have it on the Student Shared Drive, and I'm hoping that the tech guy can email me it tomorrow so I'll have an extra day to work on it. I even got it down to nineteen minutes with the clips in there! I compressed the Strong Female Character stuff to one slide and like a minute of explaining before rushing into Buffy. It's actually really good.

For dinner, my Mom and I ate out and I had this steak, and oh my God, let me tell you this thing just filled up my stomach to the point that it made me feel really sick... and there's still half of it left! Came home after getting brownie mix and made some brownies for tomorrow's Senior brunch thing! It should be really awesome. Also watched some Buffy episodes just because, and am now headed to bed.

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