April 14, 2014

Day 324

I had a very good Monday! Most of the day was taken up with tests, but for once that wasn't a really stressful thing. First up was STAM. I think I did alright. There were some confusing bits to it, and the calculator I borrowed (because of course I lost mine) was the earlier version of the model I'm used to so it didn't have a couple features on it, and so it made the calculations a little more cumbersome.

The last class of Modern History was today (next week we begin colloquium presentations during this and the English blocks). We had our world wars test, which I thought was pretty easy. There was one question about WWI that I just didn't know, but other than that I think it went fine. These tests are usually pretty easy. I'm sad that Modern History is over, but I'm really stoked about presentations. Not mine, but everyone else's!

English was next. The English faculty were gone on a retreat to discuss the reading material in the English department, so we had a substitute. We took this absurdly easy reading quiz, and then had the rest of the time to work on our colloquium projects.

Last was strings. We worked on the Vivaldi piece. We actually got new parts for it that were more in line with what the cellist who's performing this actually wants it. The parts are also more fun to play too, so that's cool.

Track was alright. Found out that we're not going to the Thursday meet on account of injuries and my school's Spirit Day, which I'm actually really relieved by! Just normal practice. Had a good conversation with the coach who is also an English and History teacher about the books we read in school. He asked my opinion on what books we should keep, drop, what books to add, etc.. The conversation developed into a conversation about criticism, and then about the different types of literaturesnx then into a look at some of our favorite books. It was a fun discussion and it passed the time quickly.

No AYS tonight! Excellent! I came home and worked on my colloquium speech sons more, and this is where I became really tired and frustrated. It turns out that I've had to cut a shit ton of stuff out of here and nod I'm down to twenty two minutes and that's without the clips I want yo show! Needless to say I'm a little stressed about it! I just don't know how I'm going to cram all this stuff into twenty minutes. I have two points I want to make and yet somehow I keep getting sidetracked by all this other awesome information, when in reality it's not important to the presentation. My mom came home and said I looked like a wreck of a man, probably because I'd been rehearsing this thing for the past hour and had been cutting and condensing and ugh. It's awful! Anyway, I'm really tired. I'm off to bed!

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