April 13, 2014

Day 323

Had a thoroughly enjoyable day following prom! Spent a majority of the day on Facebook looking at everyone's stunning pictures from last night. We all looked so gorgeous, if I do say so myself! I must say I'm still thinking about yesterday and how fun it was. I really am glad I went to the dinner, and even to the dance, but especially the dinner! Just such good camaraderie amongst our class!

Also studied a little bit for the STAM test tomorrow, and then took a look at the English quotations for tomorrow as well. Didn't really look at the History test material because I know it so well already, and it's a History test, and the teacher has assured us all that it's going to be something simple but creative. I am most worried about the STAM test though. Even with the formulas, I still have to know what numbers go where, and while I think I have this down, I am still a bit nervous. Also we have to know definitions of a ton of things ,and that's the part that I think I'm not going to do well on.

Later in the day, my Mom and I went to see an awesome rendition of Into the Woods at our local little theatre. It starred a good friend of mine, so we mainly saw it for him, but just the whole thing was really impressive! I already love the expansion on the "happily ever after" plot, but the way that it was interoperated here was excellent! My friend did a great job as Jack the slayer of giants, and the songs were pretty well executed, though the girl playing Little Red Riding Hood didn't really have a singing voice. Must have been sick tonight. Anyway, it was a terrific show, and just bolstered my mood a whole lot (not htat I was feeling down before, but this cranked my happiness level up a few more notches)!

Went to Flying Star per Sunday usual, and am now in bed opting for an early sleep so that I might be energized enough for my three big tests tomorrow! No AYS tomorrow, so that's a nifty balancing out of fate!

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