April 12, 2014

Day 322

Alright! Had my Senior Prom tonight! I'll get to that in a bit. Started off the day pounding out a rough draft of the "Darkest Hour" review which I'll hopefully have completed by next weekend if all goes according to plan (though it probably won't). Watched the series finale to Being Human also. I know I said yesterday that I was all caught up, but that was a mistake because I didn't realize that I had one more episode in my DVR, so when I found out that this was the series finale, I was really surprised. I honestly didn't like it very much. It had way too much stuff going on, a lot of plot threads introduced too late in the series for us to care, and a whole lot of plot threads introduced earlier on that just didn't get tied up or at least revisited. Not a very satisfying finale, but I suppose that they were on a tight leash seeing as they were getting canceled, and so they worked with what they had. Not the worst finale ever, but I think that had they played their cards differently after having been notified about cancellation they would have turned out a stronger finale. Just my thoughts. It was alright though.

Worked a little bit on cleaning out the spare room (we still haven't painted it yet because...). Took out a shelf in there and unscrewed all the light switch plates and heating vents, most of which were covered over with old paint, so that was fun to work with. Also studied for my English quiz on Monday. Looked up all the quotes and put the names next to them so tomorrow I can work on memorizing who said what. Should be an easy quiz honestly. Tomorrow I must review STAM notes.

Prom was really cool! Here are some pictures taken of me and some friends at the Senior dinner and at the prom itself:

I really had a great time despite not dancing a whole lot because I get migraines from these types of events. Just the flickering disco lights, the loud music, and especially the heat from all the people just give my head a rush of bad. But, I did socialize and that was fun. The dinner was really good; had some nice conversations with friends and had a memorable experience all around! I even learned how to tie a bow tie pretty well, I think, so that's cool. This is one party that I won't soon forget.

Pretty tired now, so I'm off to bed. Goodnight all!

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