April 11, 2014

Day 321

It's finally Friday! I don't know about the rest of you, but this week felt super long to me, which is odd, because AYS this week was pretty fun, so that (for once) wasn't the problem! I think it was getting back super late last night. That just threw everything off for me, and it made things that happened prior to that seem so far away. But here we are at the end of the school week, and things are good.

STAM was first today. I got a lot done on my project, now moving into analyzing one-variable and two-variable stats on what I'm covering. Taking IMDb's top US grossing films of 2013, I looked at gender in relation to genre, the gender of writers, actors, and directors, and how those correlated, and the results are proving to be pretty interesting. Only did the one-variable stats today, but I'm hoping that next week I make a push to get the two-variable ones done, because those are probably going to be pretty neat.

The Post class today was alright, as the penultimate group presented, covering music of the 21st century. The stuff they chose was pretty good in terms of covering all the bases. They got Justin Bieber in there (sadly), and they touched on Miley Cyrus and they also talked a lot about electronic dance music (or EDM, which I always thought was weird to say or write as an abbreviated thing, because I want to add the word "music" even after the "M", even when I say "EDM"). There was a member of the group who is totally into EDM, and he's a DJ in that genre too, so he talked a lot about it! EDM really isn't for me (with the obvious exception of Lindsey), but what they covered in it was pretty interesting. They showed several music videos (including Bieber's hit "Baby" which I now have stuck in my head because the Universe hates me personally), and they finished off their presentation by covering the evolution of country. They didn't really cover rock music which made me kind of angry, but they did make mention of it in other genres, which was kind of the point; music has gotten so intermixed that to define a genre now is to neglect a large portion of music that also fits the specifically defined genre but fits other genres as well, and so I think they made that point pretty well.

Next class was Advanced English. We worked on more sonnets today. Not much else to add here. A couple of friends of mine had these beautiful poems that they each wrote, and one of them was about this guy killing his waitress instead of tipping her. It was really funny actually, because the person who wrote it is not a violent person at all, and the poem itself was very passive aggressive until the end when he shoots her, and it was just really well-written!

Strings was fun because we had the guest cello soloist come in to rehearse with us. It went alright; he had a lot of good ideas about phrasing and style (this is Vivaldi that we're playing, so there are no dynamics written in; it's all interpretive, which I like). I'm not sure how it ended, because I had to leave for the track meet. The meet itself was okay. I didn't do anything except watch and had a great conversation with a friend of mine. We talked about our elementary school days and I mentioned that I reconnected with several of them over social media, and my friend got really excited, and she told me about other people of our fifth grade class that she has still kept in touch with. It was a nice nostalgic talk, and it passed the time.

Came back home and I'm now all caught up on Being Human! Holy shit, things are going down, and by God that cliff-hanger!!! Anyway, I'm pretty tired, so I think I'm going to bed soon. Tomorrow is more house cleaning and then prom! Should be a blast.

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