April 10, 2014

Day 320

Today was very long, but also quite fun. In History we finished up WWII, talking about the Japanese and their culture and how we fought them at the same time as the Nazis, typical History stuff. We have a test next Monday. English was really fun, because we filled out these anonymous English feedback surveys of what our favorite books were over the year and what we liked about them and the related projects, and which ones we felt we should keep for next year's Senior class, and which ones we should drop. It was nice because I finally got to articulate my thoughts on the class more fully (though not as fully as I can, of course). Read some more of Love Letters to the Dead and I'm seriously crying almost every time I finish a chapter/letter in that book. It's just so beautifully written!

Prior to leaving for the track meet, I found out that my commencement class speech is not due Monday! In fact, the head of upper school hasn't even picked out a date to do it yet, so that's great. What's more, the speech doesn't even have to be a speech, not really, anyway. It's more of a game plan for what you're going to say in your speech that you present to the class. So, that really took a lot of the pressure off of my schedule for this weekend! Thank God I asked about it! I also gave the tech people here at school two of the Buffy DVDs to rip for my colloquium presentation because there are no clips of the show on YouTube for some frustrating reason probably involving copyright infringement.

The track meet was actually really fun, because it was a twilight meet, meaning that the events took place in the evening and at night, and it looked gorgeous! I don't have pictures because my phone died midway through, and I neglected to bring a phone charger with me. I worked on my colloquium presentation while out there (managed to piggyback off of an unprotected wifi signal because I'm dirty like that), and it's coming along quite nicely. I got to the completed rough draft stage in that I have everything in there except for the videos, which I'll hopefully have by either tomorrow or Monday. Now on the bus headed back to school. Should get back at around 10:30 or so! Latest I've come back home from a school event I think in forever! I have another track meet tomorrow, but that one shouldn't be so bad. We get back at 7:00 I think. That should be alright!

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