April 9, 2014

Day 319

I came in this morning and was immediately stopped by the head of the Upper School telling me that I was chosen as one of four candidates for the position of Student Commencement Speaker at Graduation! Two thoughts ran through my mind when I heard that. The first was oh my God! and the second was holy shit! The first was expressed as excitement and happiness, while the second was just me coming back to my senses and being reasonable with myself. There is no way that I can be a better speaker than those other three candidates. I talked this over with a good friend of mine, and three teachers throughout the day, all of whom said roughly the same thing: "you're a writer, you're very funny, and you speak your opinion openly and without hesitation". All of these things are true (not to pat myself on the back), but I myself don't really feel like I represent the class as a whole very well. In one conversation, a teacher told me that all the cliques and social groups and hangout spots, those are all made up of people who feel the same way I do, that they feel just as much an outsider as me. True enough, but those cliques must exist because of something. There are most definitely popular people, and while that number may be significantly small in comparison to the majority of us who just feel either left out or otherwise distanced from the action, I myself do feel distanced in a way that I think is a real hurtle in writing this speech. And then there's the speech itself! I just don't know what to say! I've tossed around some ideas of friendship and whatnot, but it all feels too hokey for me. I'm sure I'll figure it out!

Well, I'm sorry for that long rant (it was longer, but then I realized that I was kind of writing my speech, so I took that chunk out and just left what's above). I had strings first and we recorded the Holberg suite. We did an okay job; I only messed up twice, and everyone else messed up about as much, so overall it was alright. After this, I decided to work on my Advanced English poem that I actually completely forgot was due today, so I knocked that out before going to STAM.

STAM itself was fun because we got handed out a review packet that covered everything from February to now regarding financial math. The test should be pretty easy if we know our definitions because there's going to be a lot of matching words to their definitions and stuff like that. I'm less nervous for it now than I was yesterday, but I'm still kind of on edge about it especially because it's Monday and I have to give this class speech Monday and I have a History test Monday! Jesus!

Advanced English was fun. We looked at a lot of sonnets and then wrote one ourselves. I like sonnets; they're the easiest form of poetry fro me, plus who doesn't like to figure out how to rhyme things? We had to write a sonnet based on a postcard that the teacher let us pick at random. By happenstance I got a postcard with two dancing violinist on it. That was really cool, so I wrote about music and violins and dancing. And the girls had crazy hair that looked like fire erupting from their heads. It was really weird, but I wrote about that too.

Post was last, and the group presenting had a bit of an issue regarding one of its members who had apparently done all the work and was pissy about her other teammates not pulling their weight, so to show how much effort she put into creating this thing, she stormed off and let the other people do what they wished with it. Right, yeah that makes sense. Logic anyone? So, the topic this class was television, and it went alright. It was mostly one of the other group members reading the abandoned leaders' notes and the other people occasionally chiming in. It honestly wasn't very good, but we did get to reminisce about the TV of our childhoods, so that was nice. This was an okay ending to my school day, since track practice was so short I was literally out there for like fifteen minutes because we have a long meet tomorrow.

I talked with one of the other candidates about this whole writing a speech thing, and he too was al like "I don't know what to write about". Apparently writing a graduation speech is hard. I mean, I guess I've always assumed that, but never before have I really recognized this as a skill when done and delivered right. I do kinda like that I'm in the same boat as my peers on this thing. And really, I'm not seeing this as a competition, but more as an exercising of my writing skill.

I'm going to prom on Saturday, and of course my Mom finds out about this today because I only told her today after having made up my mind yesterday (because I'm impulsive like that), so I stopped at the menswear clothing store and bought a new tux shirt and a bow tie. I don't know how to tie a bow tie; I have two days to learn! Last day of piano was pretty good. I'm honestly very glad this class is now over. It'll free up time on Wednesday to work on my Colloquium presentation and (should I get voted) my commencement speech, and of course any other homework. But the cfinal class was good. We watched some really kick-ass pianists perform, one of them a really cool jazz pianist. She was great because she had this huge smile on her face and just seemed to be bursting the happiness. We also composed our own song based on the I-IV-V progression we learned about. It sucked, but it was a nice ending activity.

I read this really good article today about really the state of superhero movies and their purpose in cinema now. It looked at Captain America: The Winter Soldier as its test case, but also examined the genre from way back in the '70s when it wasn't one and the Superman films were coming out. The whole article was essentially what I wanted to say on Monday in my Post class but didn't because I can't come up with that stuff extemporaneously. Anyway, this is a great article, and you should definitely check it out here! Well, that's all from me today. It's a longer post than usual, but I'm feeling rant-y tonight. Goodnight all!

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