April 8, 2014

Day 318

It's Tuesday, it felt like Friday. I don't know why, bt it did and it was kind of bad because it put me in this really weird like semi-aware mood that made the day a little fuzzy to me. I think it's because I know that on Thursday and Friday I'm missing a lot of the day for track, so it's registered in my mind that I have a short school week this week. Anyway, today was fine.

I had strings first. We are recording our Holberg suit tomorrow morning, so we ran through that a couple times and drilled movements 1 and 3 of the Danzas Panama suite after that. During my free, I started in on my Colloquium presentation powerpoint thing. It's coming along okay, but I feel like it's a watered-down version f my thesis, which I guess is part of the point, but the fact that I know there's so much more to talk about is kind of frustrating. Lots of pictures, some video clips, and a few bullet points will probably carry me through, but I wish I had more time to cram everything in here.

STAM was okay. We looked more at the stock exchange game and talked a little about some strategies when playing. It was an alright class. Tomorrow should be more productive as we get a review packet and go over stuff that we learned in February and then promptly forgot about. This is for our test on Monday, which I'm pretty nervous about. I'm glad I'm not missing any STAM on Friday.

English was really fun because we finished off The Importance of Being Earnest and I read one of the parts finally! I did this gangster/Jersey accent, and a friend of mine liked it, so she turned her character into a gangster too, and then this other person read like in a weird Spanish/Russian accent. The funny thing was that most of the characters we were playing were related to each other, which if you take our accents into account makes this the most diverse and oddly un=integrated family that I've ever read about! We had fun with this, and then to quell our joy, the teacher had us learn about Wilde's imprisonment and the horrible part  of his life that was. That was sad...

...so to cheer us up, we all went to History and learned about Stalin and the Russian Revolution!  We covered this in Post at the very beginning of the year, and so everything was kind of fuzzy, but I remembered it, so it was weird because I couldn't quite put my finger on where I had heard this lecture and seen this powerpoint before. It was kinda funny. Also did a really quick run through of the first half of WWII before class was over.

I'm continuing to read Love Letters to the Dead and yes, it is still holding in my mind the number one spot as my favorite book. When I do a Mini-View of this, I'm going to go into detail about what I mean by that, and also what the top ten books rpresent and how their weighted, because from this I can tell that people are getting a little confused. But it's still a great book, and just the voice in here is so perfectly teenager-ish! Read this while at track practice today as there wasn't really anything for me to do. I am excited about the Thursday and Friday meets though! Those should be cool especially the twilight meet on Thursday; that should look gorgeous!

Got my comp tutor's edits on my piano sonata back today. He had some fantastic suggestions and really cool pianistic technical tweeks to make it better for people to read and play. I'm really fascinated by this practicality versus vision because what I had in my head obviously was much harder than what is feasible in the real world, and it's nice that my composition tutor recognizes that. We also added a cool little flurry at the end that I really like where you play an arpeggiated chord but then for the last note you cross your left hand over and bounce off the last note of the chord! It's super nifty, and I can't wait to start in on editing it.

Came home, worked more on my powerpoint, and am now ready for bed. Tomorrow I have Advanced English which means more fun poetry! Yay!

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