April 7, 2014

Day 317

So, today proved to be most interesting because my school's annual Sticker Tag game began today. This is a game where you have a target and another student or faculty member has you, and you don't know who has you so it's super scary, and you tag your opponent with stickers. Once you tag them then you get their target, and the game continues like that until the end. A third party can interject with the phrase "I see you" if you attempt to tag your opponent and someone catches you in the act, so there's an element of secrecy and backstabbing involved too. I don't play, but I love watching, and I was guarding a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, she got out today while I was not paying attention, and so I felt really bad. It's a fun game, and the great thing is is that there's no end until the last person gets out and you're left with one winner, so this can go on for weeks

I had Advanced English first, and we worked on more poetry. We looked at some concrete poems, poems written out in the shape of their subject or theme, and then we tried our own. I wrote one about music, and then one about that stupid 2048 game, and both turned out okay. I ran out of room with the 2048 on, and the treble clef looked like it was caved in rock by the devil, but otherwise they were okay. And their content was meaningful to me, so that ws good. Our homework is to write a 14-line poem, which I'm pretty excited about!

After this and a frantic Sticker Tag debacle, I had strings. We worked on the Holberg suite and the Danzas Panama suite, and we're recording the former either tomorrow or Wednesday. That's exciting! I love the Holberg suite, and it'll be interesting to see how many takes we must do before getting it as seamless as possible! I had free after this half block, and so my friend and I were very on edge because she was super paranoid, and her target unfortunately knew she had her, so the game was effectively nullified for my friend. She was not happy, and even less so when out of the blue she got out while I was in conversation with a teacher! I felt so bad! She forgave me easily enough, but it still kinda sucked. Her target got out later in the day, so it was all alright.

STAM was third and we started playing the stocks game online. I don't get how to work this at all, and it's super confusing to me. I think I'm doing well; I'm not below the $1,000,000 mark in my portfolio cost, and I have like $900,000 in cash, so I think that's okay. Very confusing, but pretty fun I guess. Also talked a little bit about projects and our test next Monday. I'm pretty nervous about that actually because the finance stuff is a little foreign to me!

Fourth block was Post, and this was the big moment! My group presented today on the movies of the 2000s! My section was alright, but I definitely feel I could have talked a whole lot more about a lot of stuff regarding the superhero genre. The rest of the presenters did a nice job giving a broad overview of their genre as a whole and of their genre's development in the 21st century. I was super nervous when talking, and I think I rambled on a bit too long, but on the whole, I think I did a good job. It's a nice prelude to presenting our Colloquium presentations come two weeks!

Track was really short for me today. I showed up, checked in with the coach and then left because there was really nothing for me to do today. We have two meets coming up, one on Thursday and one on Friday, and the one on Thursday is going to suck coming back because we don't get back to school until 11:00 PM! That's ridiculous! And then we have another one the next day (though we get back at a reasonable 7:00). I guess if the runners can handle it, I can definitely handle it. Should be interesting!

AYS was fine tonight. We got out early because the conductor was in an unusually generous mood this evening. Worked on the usual fair of Copland, Tchaikovsky, and Barber, and we mostly drilled sections and fine tuned things. We have off next week (thank God) and then one more rehearsal before our concert!

Overall, a pretty good start to the week! I'm off to bed now. I have English and Modern History tomorrow, so that should be really cool! Goodnight all.

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