April 6, 2014

Day 316

Had a great day today! It actually began as a kind of weird hazy dream-like day, because I woke up and I didn't know where I was for like five minutes, and then remembered that I was sleeping over at Aaron's house, so I showered and brushed my teeth, and I was getting orange juice when Aaron came around the corner and said that his parents (who were gone for the morning for some reason) had made breakfast already.

Well, that sounded great, but upon inspecting the oven and the fridge, we found no such breakfast. It turned out that Aaron's parents had told him to make breakfast, and so we started to make eggs and bacon. As you can imagine, two high school boys with limited cooking experience mostly having to do with the microwave had a rather haphazard time of trying not to burn the bacon or overcook the eggs! In the end we made what I like to call "scrambled over-something mutant eggs" and "burned bacon" (the latter one of those names is not very clever I admit-- sorry). It was an okay breakfast actually. The bacon, while burned, had a smokehouse charm that I very much appreciated, and the eggs that I made were not bad either; they were just a little bland. Worked on my potion of the movie presentation for Post tomorrow, and then Aaron took me home at around 12:00 (feel free to guess as to how the majority of our time was spent between either cooking or working on homework).

At home, I mostly surfed the web the rest of the day, and oh yeah, finally made a college decision! I'm going to Willamette up in Salem, OR! Woot! It was a really tough decision picking between two outstanding schools both of which I had visited and had loved, but in the end it really came down to money and comfortability, and Willamette offered both in satisfactory supply! I'm so happy that this decision is over, and I'm really excited to have a place to go next year!

So, my Mom and I decided to go to this reading/Q&A/interview thing over at the Academy. The speaker was one Ava Dellaira talking about her debut novel Love Letters to the Dead, which I'm currently reading thanks to this talk and... okay, I'm going to come out with something that I want you all to take with a huge grain of salt, because my initial opinions of books or films or anything are very different than the more seasoned opinions that have had a chance to percolate in my brain for a few months- but I'm going to say right now that Love Letters to the Dead is quickly becoming my new favorite book, surpassing The Book Thief in voice only. I really want to do a Mini-View on both of these books, but especially on Letters, because this is a book that is unique in my reading experience. I've never really had this reaction or experience to or regarding a book before, and I think that has a lot to do with why this is becoming my new favorite book. I got to meet Dellaira after the reading, and she signed my book and personally made it out to me, and I did tell her about her book surpassing Thief as my favorite book. It was just a great experience, and her reading of some of the letters out of the book was so moving; it made me cry, it really did!

Went to Flying Star for a brief dinner, and now I'm back home, ready to go to bed. Goodnight all. Tomorrow is the beginning of another week, and I have a presentation at the end of the day! Wish me luck!

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