April 5, 2014

Day 315

Big long day today! Woke up super early to get to school to go to a track meet once again all the way up in Santa Fe! It was pretty fun up there. Got to see discus and of course all the track races. Not much for me to do up there, so it was a nice relaxing morning.

Hung out with my friend Aaron this afternoon. Went to Panera because it's really yummy, and after eating there, we decided we were still hungry, so in our infinite high school wisdom, we decided to go to Five Guys and order fries. Now, you'd think with us being full of food and me having already expressed only mild interest in getting more, Aaron would have ordered a modest regular sized fries order, but no. He orders the large, and this is what we ended up with:

Yeah, I don't know what we were thinking either. We ate a significant portion all things considered, but this was definitely a bad decision! Then we went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I thought it was pretty good. Lots of great action, character development, intriguing moral dilemma... aw hell, just read my Mini-View to know my thoughts on it!

Came back to Aaron's house and am spending the night here. It was really cool, because after dinner, I finally sat down and watched The Cabin in the Woods, with Aaron for company! I'm not a big horror movie fan (I get scared super easily), but I found this just to be hysterical! Terrific twist on a very stale genre at this point, and the satire here is just so perfect! It has all the Whedon regulars, and the suspense and the comedy balance are handled perfectly here. You're able to treat this as a comedy while also recognizing that your laughs are coming out nervously because the setting and the situation, despite the characters' awareness and smartness about it, are still genuinely terrifying. I really enjoyed the deeper more human story behind it, and of course the poking fun at the genre. I was going to do a Mini-View of this too, but I really just said pretty much what there is to say. I don't know. I might do one, but expect a lot of repetition and expansion on the above if I decide to do so.

Very fun day, as it turned out to be! Tomorrow, I return home and paint my house! Also work on thesis and movie presentations, and maybe take a stab at a rough draft of "Darkest Hour"!

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