April 4, 2014

Day 314

Okay, so today was a long-ass day! Really kinda book-ends things, y'know? I started off the school week with a long Monday, getting back home at around 9:30, and here I am on a Friday getting back home at around 9:00. Today was really fun though, except that it started out with a doctor's appointment which kinda sucked because it meant getting poked in the eye with several bright lights. After that, though, things were really good.

English was once again the highlight of the day. I came in as the teacher was giving a lecture about Victorian ideals and protocols regarding sex, and it was really awkward! Everyone laughed, and I was super confused and slightly terrified that this super English-teacher person was talking about missionary position sex... yeah, it was really weird. But then I got settled in, and it turned out that we were talking about fashion and double-standards and gender roles and conformity to those gender roles. Really fascinating talk, and I started thinking about my thesis again because this related so much to that. Just a fascinating, omni-sided argument and examination of the Vicorian Era's and today's views on gender.

History was next, and we continued our look at WWI. Talked about tanks and the Red Viper, the end of the war and the Treaty of Versailles and how shitty that was, the League of Nations, the US emergence as a global power. All the normal history stuff. It was a fun class though. Had my third block free, os I hung out with some friends of mine, one of whom was working on finishing up her thesis. She was really stressed about it, but managed to get it done finally. I'm really happy for her. My other friend, Aaron, asked me if I could spend the night tomorrow night with him after going to see Winter Soldier. So I guess I'm doing that tomorrow after the track meet! Should be wicked awesome.

Speaking of the track meet, it was pretty fun! After a senior class meeting in which we filled out final college release forms and put out nominations for class speaker at graduation, I boarded the bus and headed out to Santa Fe! While on the bus, I downloaded both albums of Halestorm, and I'm now a huge mega fan! I love rock, and I cannot believe that I'd only heard like two songs from them before now, and I had forgotten about those two songs because I had listened to them like a year ago and then continued on with life. Well, no longer. I'm now a die-hard fanboy! The neet itself was pretty good. I didn't do a whole lot; I mostly took care of the schedule, telling everyone where they were supposed to be at one times, and carried equipment back and forth to the busses when it was time to leave. We were out there for four hours, getting back to school at 8:00! Man, that was tiring, but it was also really fun. Everyone ran really well, though our star runner was just not feeling it today and it really showed. Not nocking her, though. She still ran like the devil was chasing her, though perhaps this time, he really was!

Well, I'm back home now after an exhausting first week back at school! I'm off to bed to get some sleep so that I may continue with the track meet tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone!

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