April 3, 2014

Day 313

Had a pretty nice day today. My group Post project is coming along nicely. Since there are six of us, and we have 80 minutes of class to fill, we calculated that we would all need to give 13-minute presentations. Not too bad, and more than enough time for me to cover the superhero genre in full. It's going to be a pretty good presentation, I think. If we all practice, stay on point, and the technology doesn't fail as it is wont to do at my school, we should be fine. I'm really looking forward to it!

Advanced English was really cool. I wasn't crazy about the whole memorizing poetry thing, but last night I remembered that Ode to Spot that Data recited on TNG in that one episode (my fanboy side is failing me right now, sorry). Anyway, I looked it up and Memory Alpha does in fact have a transcription, and so after getting approval from the teacher, I'm now reciting that. I'm really happy about it. I've got almost all of it memorized! I'm really loving this poetry unit.

Full block of strings today, which was super cool. I was the only member of my section today, which was extremely nerve-wracking because we stared out with the Holberg suite and I'm first violin, so I had to hold down that part and lead the orchestra all by my self! My God, it was awful, but also quite rewarding. I stepped up to the challenge by playing boldly; tried to shove as much of those nerves down as possible. I think it worked. The clas was super productive too! Lots of practice intervals where we would play through a piece all together, and then we would have five minutes of individual practice time to clean up passages from that piece before running it through again. Very effective for me, and I wish w could do this more often!

STAM was productive too. We worked on our projects a little bit as well as doing some Excel work looking at stocks and shares. My project is becoming pretty cool. Track was alright. Too windy, and I really didn't do a whole lot. We had an easy workout of starts, handoffs, and high-jump. It was a short practice too because we have a meet tomorrow night! Good luck to everyone!

Violin lesson focussed mostly on Kabolevsky and working those tricky fast passages! Intonation is key with this work, and I'm not very good at it right now, but with practice I'll bee able to get it. I should get some sleep now. I have an eye doctor appointment in the morning and a track meet to manage in the afternoon!

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